Galanthus ” Angelina ” Nivalis


Galanthus ” Angelina ” Nivalis . Highly sought after snowdrop with large weighty -looking  well shaped green marked flowers . this is one of a group of intermediate  snowdrops with its outer segment markings placed nearer the centre of the segment ,while the inner marking is of a softer coloring . Leaves applanate ,slender , erect , blue-green .Outer segments long , rounded apex ,large pale-green mark above apex  to halve of segment . Inner segments inverted Green”V” shaped mark above large sinus  Jan -Feb . Zlatco and Angelina  Petrisevac , Croatia .

Please note  I purchased  this variety exclusive from  Angelina  Petrisevac  , (Bulbs are not produced  by twin scaling with me  )  only few  bulbs available .


Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.

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