Galanthus ” Nutts Early “


Gal . ” Nutts Early ” (elw Hiemalis group )  Excellent early flowering  Snowdrop usually out  before Christmas. Outer segments bluntly pointed . Inner segments inverted “V” at apex . Clumps up well . Originally given to friends by the late  Richard  Nutt.  This is a member of the so-called Hiemalis Group of Galanthus elwesiiGalanthus Nutt’s Early originated in the garden of the eponymous galanthophile, the late Richard Nutt. It was apparently gifted to guests, without a name, at one of his snowdrop lunches. Subsequently it was passed among friends with the epithet ‘Nutt’s Early’.

Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.

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