The Snowdrops shop is now closed for now , there will be a full edit and update of the collection
By early November 2023 when the shop will be reopened and orders be taking for the new season 2023 -2024
Many thanks for all the valuable orders received true the season and wishing You all a great garden time.
Guy de Schrijver .

Galanthus “Rowallane ” elw . var. elw cultv.


Galanthus “Rowallane ”  elw var elw cult .Distinctive snowdrop with rounded flowers  and attractive bold green foliage . Leaves very broad, super volute  ,spreading ,distinctive pale – grey  ,one leave wider than the other . outer segments rounded, textured, broad claw ,pointed at apex .Inner segments  slightly flared at apex large roughly “X”  shaped to oval mark from above sinus to base composed of inverted green”V” shaped mark  merged into filled top half of “X”  Jan – Mar . selected by national trust gardener  John Sales  from bulbs purchased  from Dutch  grower Van Tubergen  by Mike  Snowden Head gardener  of Rowallane Northern Ireland .

Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.


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