The Snowdrops shop is now closed for now , there will be a full edit and update of the collection
By early November 2023 when the shop will be reopened and orders be taking for the new season 2023 -2024
Many thanks for all the valuable orders received true the season and wishing You all a great garden time.
Guy de Schrijver .

Galanthus ” Valentine “


Gal . ” Valentine  ” Hybr cult  .  A  snowdrop  thought no longer to be available , the  snowdrop  came to me true  “Snape Cottage ” Nurs some years ago , sadly now out of business .  A detailed answer can be found in the snowdrop bible , A monograph of cultivated  Galanthus , Matt Bishop , Aaron Davis , John Grimshaw .I have  it  named  as Gal . “Valentinei “picture to   follow soon .

Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.

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