Galanthus ” Zabica “Nivalis

Galanthus ” Zabica ” Nivalis . Well shaped attractively green-marked flowers with oblong rounded green ovary. Outer segments well rounded, lightly Longitudinal ridged . tapering to bluntly pointed  apex ,mid-green lines above apex . Inner segments inverted green”U”  shaped mark above sinus. University Botanic Garden Ljubljana . Joze  Bavcon , Slovenia  16cm..

Gal . Zabica  is a form in witch the points of the outer perianth segments have  a pattern shaped as a silhouette of  a little frog on the point of taking a jump.The lower part of the point is still white .


Please note some of the snowdrops are in short supply, to avoid disappointment You are advised to contact us to get an update before ordering on line.

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