Hellebores Orientalis – Lentenrose

Lets talk about Hellebores Orientalis .

Helleborus Orientalis Are growing here at Field of blooms nursery for over 20 years and are knowing for many gardeners and hellebores enthusiasts.

Many people have found the nursery here in Co Tipperary during the flowering seasons over the last years to search for the best winter flowering plants for their garden displays and or collection.

The best time to see them in flower is from December to April as most of the Hellebores here are grown in large pots to have the plants developed to see the real flower the bear.

The Hellebores can take a long time before the flower for the first time to see the make-up of the flowers, as they are going to be year after year and give You a great show of color during the cold winter months, the also a great addition to the bees as the welcome the pollen so early in the year.

The thrive in almost any conditions ore soil and will make a nice clump of plant in years to come.
Due to the large size of the pots the plants are grown they are heavy for shipping and will make the cost price much higher

A better choice is to visit the nursery in person and You see what You get home with, no surprises after and disappointed with what You got.

Hellebores are most all grown from seed growing but need some patience time before You see them flowering for the first time, containing some astoundingly beautiful specimens, some could take 3 or 4 years to see what You get and by the time they could be in large pots grown, Re You visit in person would be recommended.

Tough as old boots like our primroses, hellebores are the perfect partners with glorious harmonising colours of pinks, whites, purples, greens and yellows some with picotee edging. There are also some lovely double and anemone centred forms which are much in demand.

Due to my age please take note I have no longer take time to reproduce more hellebores Plants as I can manage.
To Pay the visit the Nursery It is advised to call me before to arrange appointment in advance.

Hellebores got my attention many years ago even before the snowdrops were started to arrive in my collection. Remembering the day`s starting with three single plants of Hell Orientalis it was not long before there were more beauties introduced to a collection witch was happen to become a long time relation with this addictive plant.


The diversities of colours, singles, doubles, anemone flowering species is unending , with the result every year when flowering time arrive always looking out for the new surprises when plants flowering for the first time .
Yes it take a long time before a plant grown from seed , get to flower for the first time. Some plants take as long as 6 years before the show there secret .
True the past 20 years there are sure many plants collected here from home grown who found a place in my own garden, the never give any trouble to grow and perform every season, flowering during the winter months when little else is showing, with plants producing up to 40 flower heads.
After the finish flowering the produce nice fresh green leaves for the rest of the summer months. (And some shade for Snowdrops planted around them).
November is the time the begin to show the have done there bid for the long year and leaves begin to show some dark spots, this is the time the should be removed by cutting back to near ground level. ( And give the Snowdrops there space for Spring).
This will show the new flowers better when the arrived next time around .Give them some general fertilizer , and this is all the require to please you for many years to come . 
Every year there are many inquiries of gardeners who like to purchase some of my plants. The best way is to make the trip to were the can be seen in flower during the winter and springtime .
Mail order can also be organised, but due to the large plants by the time the flower it makes the transport and postage high.
Every Year you can see the new plants who come into flower on my Face Book page Field of Blooms, mostly single specimen were You can chose from to purchase if interested . Please do not hesitate to contact me to inquire for price and availability.

About Me

My name is Guy de Shryver and I have been passionate about Galanthus and Hellebores since my youth in Belgium. I now grow these wonderful plants in Ireland.

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