It is with great pleasure to introduce my Hepatica`s for the first time in my website as a follow up to the Snowdrop selection I grow here in Ireland .

Thank You for visiting  the webpage  Hepatica  and hope You  find in  the selection  I am adding in the update interesting .

For now, while working on updating the list on availability the  shop  is not open for sale  until  a later time . Be patient and I'm sure there will be some  specials to choose from later .


These herbaceous perennial plants most commonly have dainty little flowers that come in shades of blue. They can also, however, be found in shades of pink and white . A great variety of foliage can also be found as an interesting addition

Early bloomers, Hepatica are usually one of the first flowers to appear in any garden, and they can stay around for a few weeks .

These plants are a great addition to follow up the Snowdrop flowering season.

Please note most of my Hepatica`s are grown from my own seed collected from open pollination with few extra , named varieties  from division named varieties.

Pictures will be updated and added to the page on a regular base when the become available and show there flower and make up, please as with the snowdrops email me for availability before ordering and confirmation by return from me .
Thank You, and enjoy to grow these little liverwort's.

Sorry, due to Brexit regulations, I only ship to Europe and Northern Ireland.

About Me

My name is Guy de Shryver and I have been passionate about Galanthus and Hellebores since my youth in Belgium. I now grow these wonderful plants in Ireland.

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