Snowdrops in the green 

In the last past Years lots is changed in the way Snowdrop bulbs are now sold what can make it a little bid confusing in the snowdrop world .
It is now possible to purchase the bulbs during the end of summer in dry form.
Lately it is now become custom to dispatch in Autumn , as the have started into growth and show noses depend on the time in Autumn , the usual send in the pots the grown in .
Please take note this is not snowdrops in the green .

"Snowdrops in the Green “ is the only way I do send out the bulbs, it is the time when the bulbs begin the state of dormancy and still the most recommended time to replant for re flower next season .All the plants sold are flowered here before sending to recipient in mature bulbs

The time for me to send out the orders will be February – March depend on the weatherconditions

Orders will be taking from now and be saved for you till due for time .
First orders , first to go out .

Price of snowdrop is per bulb.

PS: Due to UK Brexit regulations no shipping to the UK

Northern Ireland is no problem to send.

Galanthus List

Galanthus list of our current collection we grow. Cultivars and species 2022 /2023.

Galanthus marked with Yes are available,more might be available during spring, we will email our updated list on your request .

Click on the name of the Snowdrop to view.

Name of Snowdrop Available?PriceImage
Galantus FeodoraYes 75
Galanthus Abingtong Greenno
Galanthus AilwynNo
Galanthus “Alan Jackson “No
Galanthus “Alan`s Treat ” Nivalis PoculiformNo
Galanthus “Alburg Claw ” Nivalis cult -Spiky DoubleYes65
Galanthus Alison HillaryNo
Galanthus Amy DoncasterNo
Galanthus. ” Amy Jade ” PlicatusNo
Galanthus “Andrea`s Fault” Gracilis VirescentYes 80
Galanthus ” Angelina ” NivalisYes95
Galanthus Angeliqueyes15
Galanthus Anglesey AbbeyYes 15
Galanthus Anne of GeiersteinNo
Galanthus ArmineYes10
Galanthus ” Atkinsii ” HybrYes 10
Galanthus Atkinsii Moccas Form yes10
Galanthus AugustusYes 15
Galanthus Aunt Agnesyes40
Galanthus Backhouse Spectaclesyes12
Galanthus. ” Bagpuize Francis “No
Galanthus “Bagpuize Walrus “NivalisNo
Galanthus Ballerinayes 22
Galanthus ” Ballkleid “Yes30
Galanthus ” Ballynahinch ” NivalisYes 10
Galanthus Barbara`s DoubleNo
Galanthus BarnesNo
Galanthus . “Barnhill”No
Galanthus . ” Baxendale Late “Yes10
Galanthus ” Baytop 34474 ” rizehensisYes 20
Galanthus Belle de WallonieYes35
Galanthus Benhall BeautyYes15
Galanthus Benton Magnetyes10
Galanthus Bertram AndersonNo
Galanthus BessYes 15
Galanthus Betty HanselNo
Galanthus ” Big Bertha ” ElwesiiYes 40
Galanthus Big BoyNo
Galanthus "Big Eyes "Yes40
Galanthus Bill BishopYes 12
Galanthus BittonYes 10
Galanthus ” Blanc De Chine ” Reginae- OlgaeNo
Galanthus ” Blaris “Yes12
Galanthus Blewbury TartYes15
Galanthus ” Blithe Spirit “yes15
Galanthus Blonde IngeYes15
Galanthus BloomerYes 20
Galanthus “Blue Peter ” Reg – OlgNo
Galanthus Bobette elwNo
Galanthus Bolu Shadesyes10
Galanthus ” Boromir ” NivalisYes 10
Galanthus Brechin CastleNo
Galanthus Brenda TroyleYes10
Galanthus “Brian Hewitt ” Plicatus Subsp .ByzantinusNo
Galanthus . “Bright Eyes “Yes20
Galanthus ” Brocklamont Seedling ” Plic DoubleNo
Galanthus. “Bumblebee”No
Galanthus BunchNo
Galanthus Byfield specialyes 15
Galanthus ” Cambridge ” Reg -Olg Subsp reg -olg CultvNo
Galanthus ” Caryl Baron “Yes40
Galanthus ” Cassaba “Yes 18
Galanthus Castle GreenYes25
Galanthus CastlegarNo
Galanthus Catherine Mc CaulyNo
Galanthus Cedrics Prolificyes10
Galanthus ” Celia`s Double “Yes40
Galanthus. “Chameleon”No
Galanthus Chantry Green TwinsYes25
Galanthus Chedworthyes12
Galanthus ChequersYes 15
Galanthus "Christine " Reg olg .Subsp Vernalis No
Galanthus chrome YellowYes25
Galanthus Cicely HallNo
Galanthus Cinderdineyes12
Galanthus . “Clare Blakeway -Phillips “Yes 20
Galanthus Cliff CurtisYes 22
Galanthus. “Cockapoo”
Galanthus ColossusYes 12
Galanthus Cometyes10
Galanthus Compton courtyes15
Gal "Compton Green Eyes"yes 18
Galanthus CoolballintaggertNo
Galanthus CordeliaYes15
Galanthus Corkscrew GracilisYes 20
Galanthus CornwoodYes12
Galanthus “Corrin” Reg Olg vernalis inverse PoculiformNo
Galanthus Cotswold BeautyYes20
Galanthus Courteen HallYes 15
Galanthus Cowhouse greenNo
Galanthus Crème AnglaiseYes 30
Galanthus Crimean EmeraldNo
Galanthus Cross EyesYes15
Galanthus CurlyYes15
Galanthus DaglingworthNo
Galanthus ” Dame Margot Fonteyn ” Nivalis Cultvyes15
Galanthus Danube StarNo
Galanthus Daphne`s Scissorsyes 10
Galanthus. “Das Gelbe Vom Ei “yes40
Galanthus David Bakeryes25
Galanthus David Shackletonyes 12
Galanthus Deer slot No
Galanthus Devon MarbleYes20
Galanthus DiggoryNo
Galanthus Ding Dongyes10
Galanthus Dionysusyes8
Galanthus Donald Sims Earlyyes10
Galanthus Doncaster double charmer No
Galanthus . ” Dorothy Foreman “Yes 35
Galanthus ” Drei Ohren “No
Galanthus Dreycott Greentipyes10
Galanthus Drummonds GiantYes 10
Galanthus. “Dryad Gold Charm”Yes75
Galanthus. “Dryad Gold Sovereign”Yes120
Galanthus. “Dryad Gold Star”Yes 75
Galanthus. “Dubbleduin ” elw.Hybr Doub.Yes 15
Galanthus Dumpy DentonYes 10
Galanthus ” Dumpy Green “yes40
Galanthus DymockYes20
Galanthus E.A. BowlesNo
Galanthus Early to RizeYes25
Galanthus ” Edith “No
Galanthus EiskristallNo
Galanthus ElfinNo
Galanthus Eliot HodgkinNo
Galanthus ” Elisabeth Harrison “Yes 70
Galanthus . ” Elisabeth Parker Jarvis “Yes15
Galanthus Elmley LovettYes 12
Galanthus ” Elwesii Green Tips”Yes 12
Galanthus ” Elwesii Hiemalis Group “Yes 15
Galanthus ElwesiiYes5
Galanthus Emerald IsleNo
Galanthus ” Emma Thick ” elwNo
Galanthus Envyyes15
Galanthus EpiphanyYes12
Galanthus Ermine HouseNo
Galanthus “Ermine Lace ” DoublYes50
Galanthus Ermine SpikeyNo
Galanthus ” Erway “Yes 12
Galanthus. “Evenly Double” Nivalis Double
Galanthus Faith Steward -LibertyNo
Galanthus Faringdon DoubleNo
Galanthus Fatty PuffYes30
Galanthus Fensted EndNo
Galanthus ” Fieldgate Forte “Yes 28
Galanthus “Fieldgate Sophie “Yes 75
Galanthus Fieldgate SuperbNo
Galanthus Fieldgate TiffanyNo
Galanthus. “Fifi ” NivalisYes 70
Galanthus ” Fiona Mackenzie “Yes30
Galanthus Fiona`s GoldNo
Galanthus Flocon de NeigeNo
Galanthus Flora plenayes5
Galanthus Fly FishingYes20
Galanthus Florence Bakeryes15
Galanthus Forge DoubleYes18
Galanthus FosteriNo
Galanthus ” Francesca De Grammont “No
Galanthus. ” Frank Turner “No
Galanthus Franz JosefYes35
Galanthus Fred`s Giant yes10
Galanthus FrodoNo
Galanthus “ Fuzz “ Nivalis spiky cultivar doubleNo
Galanthus G 71yes10
Galanthus GabrielYes10
Galanthus GaladrielNo
Galanthus GalateaNo
Galanthus . “George Elwes “Yes10
Galanthus ” Georgiana “Yes 20
Galanthus Gerard ParkerNo
Galanthus ” Gimli -Durin “yes12
Galanthus Ginns Imperariyes10
Galanthus GlasloughNo
Galanthus ” Gloria “Yes25
Galanthus “Gloucester Old Spot “Yes 20
Galanthus Godfrey OwenNo
Galanthus “Gold Edge” Plicatus Cultivar.No
Galanthus Gracilis High downYes 15
Galanthus Gracilis Victor HortonYes15
Galanthus “Grave Consern ” Plicatus HybrYes 50
Galanthus Gray`s ChildNo
Galanthus Green ArrowYes 20
Galanthus. “Green Bonnet”
Galanthus. ” Green Bottle ” Niv. VirescentYes40
Galanthus Green BrushNo
Galanthus Green Comet Yes20
Galanthus . “Green Day “Yes165
Galanthus . ” Green Eyes “Yes35
Galanthus Green fieldsyes8
Galanthus Green HayesYes15
Galanthus “Green Ibis ” NivalisYes40
Galanthus ” Green Lantern “Yes75
Galanthus Green Lightyes16
Galanthus Green Manyes15
Galanthus. ” Green Of Hearts “Yes 35
Galanthus. ” Green Tear “Niv Virsc CultYes80
Galanthus Green Teethyes13
Galanthus GreenfinchYes25
Galanthus “Greenfingers ” Nivalis Hybr DoubleYes30
Galanthus GreenishYes18
Galanthus GrumpyYes25
Galanthus Grune OsternYes40
Galanthus ” Gruner Nebel ” Green FrogYes20
Galanthus .”Grunspecht “No
Galanthus “Gunter Waldorf “Yes40
Galanthus “Haconby Green “Yes25
Galanthus Hambutts OrchardNo
Galanthus Handelyes10
Galanthus Hans Guck in Die luftNo
Galanthus Happy New YearNo
Galanthus Haydnyes10
Galanthus ” Hedgehog ” Nivalis Hybr -DoubleYes12
Galanthus HeffalumpNo
Galanthus. ” Helen Tomlinson “Yes10
Galanthus .”Heloise des Essourts” Gal. Nivalis double
Galanthus Henrys white LadyNo
Galanthus.”Heracles” Reg-Olg Supsp.Reg-OlgYes40
Galanthus ” Hercule ” Elwesii Var. MonostictusYes18
Galanthus Hill PoeYes 15
Galanthus Hippolytayes10
Galanthus Hobson`s ChoiceNo
Galanthus . “Hoggets Narrow “No
Galanthus "Hoggets Round "Yes20
Galanthus Horst KaufmanYes 35
Galanthus ” HORUP “No
Galanthus. “Howick Starlight”GalanthusNo
Galanthus " Huttlestone "No
Galanthus IcicleYes 12
Galanthus ” Igraine” ElwesiiYes35
Galanthus Imbolcyes10
Galanthus .” Ingrid Bauer “No
Galanthus Irish GreenNo
Galanthus ” Ivy Cottage Corporal “No
Galanthus “Ivy Cottage Green Tip “Elwesii Hyb CultYes12
Galanthus IzegemYes 20
Galanthus ” Jade “Yes25
Galanthus James BackhouseYes8
Galanthus JaquenettaNo
Galanthus ” Jennifer Hewitt “No
Galanthus JessicaYes15Galanthus . “Jessica “
Galanthus. ”Joe`s Spotted”Yes 50
Galanthus John Grayyes12
Galanthus John LongNo
Galanthus ” John Marr ” Regina -Olgae . Subsp Vern.Yes12
Galanthus Jonathan No
Galanthus Joshua JansenNo
Galanthus Jubilee GreenYes 25
Galanthus June boardmanNo
Galanthus Jube's Bell No
Galanthus ” Keith Lamb ” elwesiiNo
Galanthus “Kersen ” Nivalis CultivarYes 25
Galanthus KettonYes12
Galanthus KildareYes 20
Galanthus KiteYes 15
Galanthus “Kryptonite “No
Galanthus Kyre Parkyes15
Galanthus. “La Boheme “Yes 90
Galanthus . ” La Moriniere ” Niv Doubl . Yes25
Galanthus. “La Vie En Rose”Yes 30
Galanthus Lac de BalcereNo
Galanthus LagodechechianusNo
Galanthus Lady Beatrice StanleyYes12
Galanthus Lady ElphinstoneYes15
Galanthus. “Lady Macbeth”Yes
Galanthus Lady MooreYes15
Galanthus Lambrook GreensleavesNo
Galanthus LapwingYes10
Galanthus Laviniayes8
Galanthus LegolasNo
Galanthus Lerindayes6
Galanthus “Liam Schofield”Yes18
Galanthus LimetreeNo
Galanthus Little Benyes20
Galanthus Little DancerYes20
Galanthus Little JohnNo
Galanthus ” Llo `n` Green ” Nivalis Cultivaryes25
Galanthus LodestarYes20
Galanthus. “Lola” G. Elw X G.Niv “Flore Pleno”No
Galanthus Long dropYes10
Galanthus. “Long John Silver ” inv PocYes100
Galanthus . ” Long Wasp ” Hybr CultNo
Galanthus LongstoweYes10
Galanthus Looking aroundYes20
Galanthus Lord LieutenantYes20
Galanthus Lord MonostictusNo
Galanthus Louise Ann BromleyYes15
Galanthus LowicYes15
Galanthus ” Lucy ” Inverse PoculiformNo
Galanthus MadeleineNo
Galanthus . “Magdalen Erskin “Yes50
Galanthus MagnetNo
Galanthus Maidwell LYes10
Galanthus. “Maja`s Gift ” NivalisYes 10
Galanthus Major PamNo
Galanthus. “Mandarin” elwesii Edward Whittall Group CultYes 20
Galanthus ."Margaret BiddulphNo
Galanthus ” Margaret Billington ” Rizehensis Hybr CultNo
Galanthus . “Margaret Owen ” ElwYes30
Galanthus ” Margaret`s Star “No
Galanthus ” Margery Fish ” Nivalis cultYes 60
Galanthus ” Marianne Hogener ” PoculiformYes40
Galanthus Marjorie BrownYes10
Galanthus Marks TallYes10
Galanthus ” Marlie Raphael “yes50
Galanthus “Marlou Waldorf “Yes 25
Galanthus. “Medena” nivalis
Galanthus Melanie BroughtonYes15
Galanthus . “Melvyn Jope” Reg Olg Supsp reg olgno
Galanthus MerindocNo
Galanthus MerlinYes12
Galanthus ” Midas “No
Galanthus ” Midwinter “Yes15
Galanthus Mighty AtomNo
Galanthus ” Mila “Yes15
Galanthus Millers LateYes12
Galanthus ” Minions smiling “Yes 10
Galanthus. ” Miss Prissy ” Hybr DoubleYes 45
Galanthus Modern ArtYes 10
Galanthus Monostictus Var G HandelYes15
Galanthus. “Moonlight Shadow” Gal. Nivalis
Galanthus MordredYes 40
Galanthus . “Morgana ” elw virescentYes160
Galanthus Moses BasketYes30
Galanthus. “Mother Goose” HybYes 60
Galanthus. “Mount Everest” HybridNo
Galanthus ” Mr Blobby “No
Galanthus ” Mr Stinker “No
Galanthus Mrs Backhouse nr 12Yes6
Galanthus Mrs Mc NamaraNo
Galanthus Mrs ThompsonNo
Galanthus MunchkinYes15
Galanthus NarrengesichtYes25
Galanthus NarwalNo
Galanthus Natalie GartonYes18
Galanthus Neill FrazerYes10
Galanthus Nivalis Flora Pleno Easter Paradeyes8
Galanthus ” North Star ” Nivalis hybr DoubleNo
Galanthus ” Northeren Lights “No
Galanthus Nutts EarlyYes20
Galanthus OctopussyNo
Galanthus. “OKIDOKI” Small virescent .Yes120
Galanthus One Drop Or TwoNo
Galanthus Opheliayes10
Galanthus Oreana ex Janis RuksansYes15
Galanthus OrletonYes16
Galanthus Paddy`s KettonNo
Galanthus “Pale Face “Yes 35
Galanthus . ” Peardrop ” Hybr CultYes20
Galanthus Peg SharplesNo
Galanthus Penelope Annyes15
Galanthus Percy Pictonyes10
Galanthus PerigrinNo
Galanthus PeshmeniiNo
Galanthus Peter Gatehouseyes10
Galanthus Petit File de FlandreYes20
Galanthus PhantomasNo
Galanthus ” Philippe Andre Meyer “Yes50
Galanthus.”Pieces of Eight”Yes120
Galanthus. “Pieces of Eight “
Galanthus. ” Platyphillus “
Galanthus Platyphyllus Alain JacksonNo
Galanthus Plicatus ByzantinusNo
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 2 .ex Ukraine PPS 17 7040 Alpha White wavy vaseNo
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 4 .ex Ukraine PPS 17 69 32No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 5 .ex Ukraine SV 15 0445No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 6 .ex Ukraine PPS 1420No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 7 .ex Ukraine PPR 14 0103No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 8 .ex Ukraine P/5 14 0472No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  9  ex Ukraine pp-r   17-6963No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  11  ex Ukraine pp-s   17-7082No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  12  ex Ukraine 14 0493No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  13  ex Ukraine 14 0505No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  14  ex Ukraine 14 0740-17No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  16 ex Ukraine 0401No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  17 ex Ukraine 6080No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .  18  ex Ukraine 14-06No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus .19 ex Ukraine 0493No
Galanthus Plicatus .Rus. 1 .ex Ukraine 04.08 PPS 14no
Galanthus Plicatus self seed Scotland Ian ChristyNo
Galanthus Prague spring Yes 50
Galanthus Pride`O the millyes15
Galanthus Primrose WarburgNo
Galanthus ” Priscilla Bacon “No
Galanthus Pusey GreentipsYes10
Galanthus Ray cobbYes25
Galanthus. ” Rayski Double “Yes 20
Galanthus Regina Olgae Early re ex Janis ruksansNo
Galanthus Remember Rememberno
Galanthus Rev Hailstoneyes15
Galanthus Richard AyresYes10
Galanthus Richard Blackeway PhillipsNo
Galanthus “Richard Nutt”Yes18
Galanthus Robin Hoodyes12
Galanthus ” Robust Timpany ” HybrYes10
Galanthus Robyn Janeyyes20
Galanthus ” Rodmartin Sirius “Yes 25
Galanthus Rodmarton Arcturusyes25
Galanthus Rodmarton CapellaYes18
Galanthus Rodmartonyes18
Galanthus Roger`s roughyes15
Galanthus Ron Ginn`sYes12
Galanthus “Ronald Mackenzie “gracilisNo
Galanthus “Rosemary Burnham”No
Galanthus “Rowallane ” elw . var. elw cultv.Yes18
Galanthus Ruby BakerNo
Galanthus “Ruby`s Green Dream ” Reg Olg Subsp Reg OlgNo
Galanthus Ruth Birchallyes25
Galanthus “Ruth Dashwood ” Plicatus Hybr cultYes25
Galanthus Saint Anne`syes 20
Galanthus Sally PasmoreYes 10
Galanthus SamsiseNo
Galanthus Samuel ArnottYes10
Galanthus. “Schorbuser IrrLight” Plicatus Supsp . ByzantinusYes75
Galanthus. “Scrooge” Plicatus25
Galanthus SeagullYes 15
Galanthus "Selborne Green TipsYes12
Galanthus Selina cords Sharlockiiyes20
Galanthus Sentinelyes15
Galanthus. Sharlockii ArdennesYes 15
Galanthus SharlockiiNo
Galanthus Sharlokii from wild ArdennesYes15
Galanthus ” Sheds and Outhouses ” HybridNo
Galanthus “Shropshire Queen “Yes 20
Galanthus Sibbertoft MagnetYes10
Galanthus Sibbertoft ManorNo
Galanthus sickleNo
Galanthus Silverwellsyes10
Galanthus Sir Herbert Maxwellyes10
Galanthus SnogerupiiNo
Galanthus. ” Snow Angel “Yes 60
Galanthus Snow whiteNo
Galanthus Sophie NorthNo
Galanthus South HayesNo
Galanthus ” Sparkler “Yes
Galanthus Spindelstone surpriseyes20
Galanthus Spriteyes15
Galanthus ” Starling ” Elwesii Hybr DoubleYes15
Galanthus StraffanYes!0
Galanthus Sutton courtYes20
Galanthus Sutton Courtenayyes20
Galanthus ” Sweet Alice ” elwesiiYes 30
Galanthus ” Tante Kathe ” (Aunty Kath) Niv scharlockiiYes25
Galanthus TatianaNo
Galanthus The brideNo
Galanthus The PearlYes15
Galanthus. “The Wizard ” plic inverse poc hyb
Galanthus ” The Woppper “No
Galanthus Three ShipsYes15
Galanthus Tilebarn JamieNo
Galanthus ” Tilly ” Inverse poculiformNo
Galanthus . “Timber Wolf ” Nivalis Vir GalYes 160
Galanthus ” Timpany Bold ” Elw Var MonostictusYes 15
Galanthus Tiny Timyes5
Galanthus Titania Superbyes10
Galanthus . “Topas” Reg – OlgYes25
Galanthus. ” Treasure Island ” Hybr Cult .No
Galanthus Three leavesyes10
Galanthus ” Trimmer ” Plicatus inverse Poculiform HybrNo
Galanthus Trymming30yes
Galanthus Trimposteryes30
Galanthus Trumpsyes25
Galanthus Trymyes25
Galanthus Trymletyes25
Galanthus ” Tryzm ” Hybr Inverse PoculiformNo
Galanthus Tubby Merlinyes10
Galanthus. “Tuppence”
Galanthus. “Turncoat ” Hybr cult Invers – PoculiformYes 20
Galanthus. “Tusker”Yes30
Galanthus Upcheryes10
Galanthus .” Uptown Girl ” Nivalis VirescentYes 70
Galanthus “Uptown Girl ” Viriscent G.NivalisYes Lim 100
Galanthus . “Utrecht Gold” Nivalis Cultivar
Galanthus ” Valentine “Yes12
Galanthus ” Veronica Cross “Yes60
Galanthus Vertigo Yes30
Galanthus ViridapicesYes10
Galanthus ” Walker Canada ” PlicatusYes 40
Galanthus WalrusNo
Galanthus Wandleburry Ringyes35
Galanthus ” Warei “yes12
Galanthus Warhamyes5
Galanthus Warwickshire GeminiNo
Gal Washfield ColesboroughYes20
Galanthus Washfield Warhamyes10
Galanthus WaspNo
Galanthus. “Waverly Aristocrat ” Plic hybr cult
Galanthus “Welshway”Yes20
Galanthus Wendys GoldYes 20
Galanthus White DreamsNo
Galanthus White Swanyes 15
Galanthus White WingsNo
Galanthus WichwoodYes75
Galanthus Wilhelm Bauer Yes35
Galanthus William Thompsonyes10
Galanthus Wonston Doubleyes10
Galanthus WoodpeckersYes30
Galanthus Woodtownyes12
Galanthus YaffleNo
Galanthus Yvonne Hayyes25
Galanthus ” Zabica “Yes 40
Galanthus ” Zagreb “Yes 10
Galanthus ZwanenburgNo
Galanthus Sarah Dumont PlicatusYes 25
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